Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still missing.

Yup. He's gone. Completely effing vanished off the face of the Earth. I've called his work, his friends, his family, his girlfriend. None of them have seen him in at least a week. I woke up this morning, and he wasn't there, which isn't odd, since he's normally gone before me. His door was locked, which wasn't normal, but I wrote it off because of how strange he is. I get home from work today, and he's still not here. Finally after, about three hours of waiting, I placed all those calls I mentioned above. Then I realized: Sheila's diary wasn't where I left it... I was certain it should have been on the end table, but it wasn't. I searched all over the house. I even went out and looked in my car.

Now here's where shit gets freaky. I was outside for all of maybe 15 minutes. No way anybody could have done much damage. But when I come back, the place was ransacked. Shit was everywhere. Cushions were shredded, dishes were smashed, pages were pulled out of my text book; it was like someone with rage issues had gone through my apartment. But what really terrified me, was what was on Alex's door. It was... it was that fucking symbol. The Operator symbol from Marble Hornets. A huge Fucking X'd Circle painted on my best friend's door.

I'm not there anymore. I'm staying with Jake for a while. Someone insane broke into my apartment, most likely the same someone Sheila was writing about. From Alex's little addition to my last post, I gather that he was seeing him too. Whoever he is, he's gotta be scary, because Alex isn't afraid of anything. I have no idea what the signifigance of that symbol is, or where Alex is, but if you're reading this man, please, come back. I need to know. I want to fight this guy with you. Please. Come home.

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