Saturday, April 23, 2011

Checking in/ Sheila's Mom.

Hey guys, Jason here. It's been a few days since I posted, mostly because I've been putting in a bunch of overtime at work to keep my mind busy. I'm still staying with Jake, I haven't been back to the house since my last post. Still no word from Alex, still no sign of the diary (I sense a link between those two) Honestly, I'm kinda disappointed in you guys. I was kind of expecting you guys to chime in and say that I need to be careful, that Slenderman is gonna get me. But no, nothing. And just when I thought you really cared...

But enough of my childish petulance. I'm not even considering the whole Slendy notion. Someone is fucking with me. Most likely the person who sent me the diary, most likely the one who made Sheila kill herself. And I'm not playing that game. It's personal. if he's reading this I want him to know that I'm ready for him. Game On motherfucker.

In other news, I got a call from Sheila's mom down out in Wyoming. She said that she was going through some of Sheila's old things and was wondering if I wanted any. Honestly, I don't but since this was the first time she'd ever spoken cordially to me, I figured I could only say yes. I'm probably gonna drive down there in a few weeks to go get it. But first, I've gotta move back into my apartment. I've got a CHL, and I used to hunt a lot, so I've got a gun. I just hate that I have to use it. But, welcome to the world we live in.

I've got to go. Hopefully I hear from ALex soon. I'm worried about the fucker.

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