Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Special Delivery.

Hey guys, It's me again. I haven't posted in a few days because, well, nothing happened till today. I went back into work for the first time today. Didn't get much work done though. I walked in, and immediately, I knew something was off. Normally when I walk into the shop, I'm greeted by either a snide comment from my buddy Jake, or a berating from my boss. Today, neither were forthcoming. Jake wasn't even there, and my boss... well, my boss looked like hell. He looked like Alex that day I woke him up about the furniture: Unshaven, Wild-eyed, and twitchy. The dude looked like he was coming of a week-long coke binge, which is saying something for a guy who normally combs his eyebrows (Trust me, I've seen it.) He was so bad off, he barely even acknowledged me when I asked what was wrong. It was only when I asked about the things that I'd gotten in the mail that he seemed to come to life. His eyes bugged out, and he started freaking the fuck out, screaming at me to take it, and get out of his store, before he fired me. It was weird, like he didn't even recognize me... he was just screaming about not letting me bring "him" back here. Finally, I just gave up, went back to the back where the package was just sitting on a shelf, grabbed it, and ditched.

That was twenty minutes ago. I'm in my room right now typing this. The package is sitting next to me on my bed. I haven't opened it yet. Honestly, after the way Dale (My boss) Freaked out, I'm kinda nervous about it. I have noticed two odd things about it though: One, it looks like it was once wet. Like, soaked through. It's all wrinkly and swollen like something that was rinsed and dried off. Also, and this one's really weird, it smells like fire. Like there's something in there that was burned. I have no idea what to make of it. I'll probably open it sometime this week. Till then... I have no idea.


  1. When you do open it, make sure to be careful.

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  2. Be careful? What is a man with a knife gonna jump out at me? I'm still subscribing to the theory that that it's something from my Grandad. But thatnks for the concern man.