Saturday, April 16, 2011

My apologies...

For those of you who read that little ...outburst last night, I'd like to offer some explainations. Yes, the book belonged to Sheila. I was flipping through it when I noticed something written inside the front cover. It was a little scrawl written in silver Sharpie... her favorite color. It said This diary, and all it contains is the property of SRD. So back Off.

SRD. Sheila Ruth Daniels.

I kinda lost it. Ok, I seriously lost it, as you can tell. The fact that somebody would steal her possesions and mutilate it like they did was sick enough. But the fact that they mailed it to me... I don't think it was somebody sane.

This is cemented by the fact that Sheila was being followed. From all I've been able to read, about 8 months ago, some man starts stalking her. She never refers to him by name, just "Him" "I saw Him today. He was across the street from the house just standing there... staring" And then, a month later "I keep seeing Him in my dreams. He always following me, and I hear the children screaming... or is it laughing?" It just gets wierder from there. Most of the pages after that are either damaged by the water or completely fucking incinerated. But the ones I can make out are just weird. Drawings of eyes, sscribbles of "Help Me" One page just a blank circle drawn on it. It's some disturbing shit. I'm not gonna show Alex, or anybody. I was considering putting up pictures, but now I'm not even gonna consider it. It's private. Sheila was so beautiful, so full of joy, I don't want anyone to see her the way she is in this diary. I trust you guys understand.

She was being followed. Right before she broke up with me was when she needed me the most, and I wasn't there for her. Now I know what she meant that day she called me. Oh God, Sheila, please forgive me. I'm gonna keep reading through you're diary. Maybe I can find something that'll help me catch whoever drove you to your death. He has to pay... justice must be served.

Jason has no idea what he's messing with. What is hunting even now. What took Sheila. He's trying to keep it from me, but I know. I see Him, everywhere I look. I can't stay here any longer. It's not safe. Maybe if I'm gone, Jason will be safe. So I'm leaving. I'm getting as far away from here as possible. I'm making sure that Jason can't get any deeper. It's for his own good. You guys seem to know what it is I'm talkig about so I'm begging you, don't encourage him. Keep him safe, or you'll damn him to a fate worse than hell. I've got to leave. Now. I can't see Him, so I'm making a break for it. Protect him.


  1. Jason, I have been seeing things like that for a few months now. I understand what Sheila means to you, and I would never view her in another light to upset you. If you are interested, I would still like to view the pictures of the diary. I will give you my private e-mail if you want. It's up to you. I just want to help.


  2. I appreaciate it Lucien. But honestly, I'm not ready to share this diary yet. As sick and depressing as it is, it's one of the few reminders I have of her. Maybe after I've had time to do my proper grieving I'll put some pictures up on here or a video on Youtube, but for now, I'd feel better to keep it to myself.

  3. And what do you mean "Seeing things?"

  4. There is somebody in my life that has been writing and scribbling things similar to that. Not only that, but on my own, I've found writings like that. It's strange, yes. But an understanding of them is coming to me.

  5. Care to share? Maybe we're dealing with the same nutcase.