Sunday, May 8, 2011

Everything's wrong.

It's like my life just keeps getting more and more twisted. Everytime I think that everything's gonna start getting better, something fucked up happens. Like today.

I went to Sheila's old house. Well, I went to what was left of it, seeing as it had been burned down last Wednesday. Like, here one minute, charcol the next. The police department is clueless how a three story house burned to the ground in under half an hour. Everythings gone. All the stuff Sheila's mom wanted to give to me is just ash in the wind. And I can't even go ask her about it. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. She was instutionalized following the fire, after she tried to attack the lawyer who was offering to sue for her. She's locked up in an asylum, babbling about something in a language I don't even understand.

All my leads have gone cold. I don't really have a choice now, I guess. I'm going back to Seattle. I'm getting a new, cheaper apartment, since I can't afford, nor want, the one I had with Alex anymore. I'm gonna bury the diary. Probably next Sheila. Yeah. That'd be a fitting way to end this unpleasent little chapter. Then I'm done. I'm not getting on this blog ever again. I don't want redemption anymore. I don't want to be reminded. I just want my old life back. Goodbye guys. Have fun with your lives.

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